A designer villa in Canggu

Architect : Alexis Dornier
Photographer: Kiearch
Location: Buduk – Canggu, Bali
Size: 386 m2
Status: Completed
Year: 2020

Built in 2020, Haus Flora is an expansive designer villa hidden in the rice fields of outer Canggu. The design concept was to seamlessly meld modern aesthetics and technology with local materials. As such, the villa’s three bedrooms boast a bungalow-style structure, featuring local ylang-ylang roofing and quality wooden beams. Interrupting these Balinese-inspired abodes is a contemporary rooftop infinity pool and multiple open-plan living areas. To top it off, the villa is powered by natural energy, featuring solar panels inconspicuously installed into the villa’s rooftop.  

Haus Flora Photos

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