Architect: Alexis Dornier
Photographer: KIE
Location: Uluwatu – South Kuta, Bali
Size: 356 m2
Status: Completed
Year: 2021

The barn is in all its major components made of ethically sourced reclaimed timber (Kaltimber). The 16 unevenly bent and twisted columns were once part of a road leading over swampland in Kalimantan/ Borneo. Arranged in an almost perfect square, The columns’ heavily textured surfaces are indicative of their age and former life- a reminiscence to be kept alive. The major achievement of timber craftsmanship, and thus the essential design idea was to incorporate these uneven building components into a functioning framework for walls, stairs, balconies, and sliding windows and doors. Built over 3 levels, The floor plan and section strengthen the three-dimensional experience of space composed around those columns.

The BARN Photos