construction Services

New Builds

Despite Bali’s diverse terrains, Bali Construction can design and build new projects from scratch on even the most technically challenging of landscapes. From clifftop resorts to private villas beside cascading rice fields, Bali Construction can design, build and offer solutions for demanding projects, be it a new build on desolate land, or a demolition and rebuild. Rooftop infinity pools, solar energy or asymmetrical structures – no build concept is beyond the Bali Construction scope.

Design & Construction

Supported by a team of architects, designers and project managers, Bali Construction can offer a complete “design and construction” service. Taking any project from the initial design stage, right through to the finishing touches, the Bali Construction team can guide the entire project according to scope, functionality and budget. And with its close collaborative relationships with industry experts, Bali Construction can engage specialists wherever necessary, be it local stone masons, cabinet makers or teak wood carpenters.

Commercial Properties

From sprawling villa resorts to independent restaurants and retail spaces, Bali Construction has built both small and large-scale commercial properties in Bali. Aligning each build with the individual business concept, our commercial fit-outs are fully customisable according to the business needs, involving smart storage solutions, functional designs and custom finishings.

Exterior River Studio villa in Canggu, Pererenan - Bali Construction, building and contractor company in Indonesia


Whether your villa, resort or commercial property requires a complete or partial renovation, Bali Construction can assist at any phase of a project renovation. From architectural renderings to final design, our team specialises in restoring or redeveloping properties, be it a large scale refurb or a final stage improvement.